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How to use the photo stick

Published : December 28, 2022

Do you still regret the time you did not back up your media files and then your computer was attacked by a virus? Do you want to relive the moments by watching those videos you made when you were touring the National Park with your spouse?

Photo stick is your best solution for that. In this article, I will write up step-by-step guides on how to use it.


Step 1

Applicable for Windows:

Whenever you plug in your USB stick to your PC, go to File Explorer and open ThePhotoStickWindows.exe . Once it’s running, click the green GO button in the bottom right corner.


When you insert your USB flash drive into a computer’s USB port, a Desktop shortcut named PhotoStick will appear. Open the shortcut. If there is no such icon, open the Finder, and then double-click PhotoStick, which will be listed under devices. Select ThePhotoStickMac. Once the plug-in loads, click GO, which will be in the corner bottom right.

Step 2

Introduction of the interface:

  • Main Menu:
  • View Logs:
  • Settings:
  • My Photos/Videos:
  • Back-Up Statistics:
  • The PhotoStick capacity chart:
  • Status Area:
  • Go:

Step 4

Start the Backup

Once you tap the GO button, the back-up will automatically begin. By default, the program searches for JPG data files and back them up. However, you can alter these settings and back up many types of data you need for your device.

Step 5

Checking the backup files:


If a USB flash drive is plugged directly to a hard drive named ABCD, the contents of the retraced drive will be /Volumes/PHOTOSTICK/My_Files/ABCD.


When a device with drive letter F is plugged into a computer named ABC and is connected via USB cable to a device named CDE, the backed up files will be found on drive letter F: File Type: F:\My_Files\ABCD\.