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How to remove phone number from Snapchat

Published : December 25, 2022

Maintaining privacy is now a common trend so far. People are concerned about sharing their contact details now.

The reason is: leaking the data for business. Every social platform is in fact trying to fetch the data for business purposes. They prefer phone numbers rather than email. Why?

The conversion rate is higher here. But the annoying texts and offers sometimes ruin the day and life. That’s why people want to avoid this.

Even they search on the popular forums to get a proper solution. For example, removing phone numbers from Snapchat is one of them. Here is how you can remove it.
Step one:
Log out of your existing Snapchat account. If you cannot, simply uninstall the app and reinstall that.
Step two:
Tap the “sign up” button and fill up the details with your existing phone number. (the number you are using for existing Snapchat)
Step three:
Create your new account and log in there.
Step four:
Log out from the new account and check the old one. You will see that the number has vanished forever.

The mentioned steps are the proven way to remove your phone number from Snapchat. I did not find any other option without it.