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How To Download Instagram Reels: 3 Bulletproof Tricks

Published : January 5, 2023

Imagine you are watching a delicious recipe-making reel. And you want to share it with your mom or your loved ones.

But the truth is rude! The desired person is not in Instagram, or he/she is using another platform. It can be like that, they are not even at the age of that interest to open a new account. 

Still, they are in need of that recipe. What will you do? Pretty sure! You are thinking of downloading the video.

Sadly, Instagram does not allow you to download their reels. How can you then download that? Readout this short article. You will know some bulletproof tricks here. 

Trick One
Online Downloader:

People are relying on this platform largely. The reason is simplicity. Read 4 most popular reels downloading platforms process

IG Downloader:

Simple, sleek and quick to download. The site looked simple with 4 different instagram downloading feature. You can download, reels, Igtv videos, profile or even the whole acount data with it. Here is the process

  • Just copy the reel url and past it in the link box. 
  • Then press the download button
  • Done! 

Igram Downloader:

This is my second choice for downloading the IG videos. You can litrall download everything with it. I tried several types of contents including the reels. All worked great. Here is the process:

  • Type in the google search bar.
  • Open the website.
  • Copy the Url from the Instagram
  • Paste it
  • Click the download button. 


Last but not the least downloader. Yes! The instafinsta is another amazing platform to download the reels. It has skyrocket famous earlier years. However, lets see how it works.

  • Type the name in the google search bar
  • Open the website
  • Copy the instagram URL
  • Paste the link.
  • Click download.

Trick Two
Use Apps: Top Apps for the reels

You have read the options for online download. Now let move on to the second tricks. You can download 

Video Downloader IG

It has 4 steps easy process to download. Let me breakdown that.

  • Once you install the app.
  • Copy the url from instagram
  • Paste the link column.
  • Convert the video
  • Download the video
  • It has the video preview feature. 

Reels Video Downloader for Instagram

The app looked handy for me. Many users rated it above 4 out of 5. Why? I found it user flexibility. Here is process of using the device. 

  • Install it from the store. 
  • Integrate it wih your account.
  • Just click the three dot over any content.
  • You will find “ Share it to reel”
  • Click that button.
  • It will download automatically! Simple.

Trick Three
Using the Screen Redorder:

Every users either iPhone or android. They can use this screen recorder to download the reels. Here is the best screen recorder for your device including the downloading process. 

Inshot Screen Recorder

Numerous users are using this for recording the best thing on the internet. The app is less than 80 megabytes. Here is how can you use it to download it.

  • Install the app 
  • Set up the background system by allowing permission.
  • Select the sound system from three options: microphone+internal, Internal, and no sound.
  • You will see that floating window after that.
  • Open the reels from your account
  • Start recording the video done!


Can I download the reels from my private account?

Yes, downloading the reels from a private account is possible. Just copy the link and then paste it to the online downloader. Done! 

Is there any specific file format from Instagram Reel?

Only the two types of file formats you can add on IG reels: MOV and MP4. These are the common files that help to get algorithm benefits from Instagram.

Is Reels are similar to Youtube Shorts?

Similar. Instagram reel supports 15 to 60 seconds videos. The length is same for the youtube shorts. 

All the necessary ingredients are served, right? Now, its time to execute the 20 seconds process. One thing before you download.

Dont violate the copyright policy of Instagram platform. This is more strict than facebook. I noticed a lot of potential page ban just for neglecting the copyright policy. Support the creators by curating their content. This will make a better entertainment environment.