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Can PS5 Players Play with PS4 Players Online?

Published : January 26, 2023

Cross-gen and crossplay are terms used to describe the ability of video games to be played by players on different platforms, such as PC, consoles, and mobile devices. Cross-play allows players to compete against each other in multiplayer games regardless of which platform they are using.

For example, users may connect to a game session on their Xbox. Then, they can play against another player on their PlayStation.

Cross-gen is the ability for video games to be played across different platforms simultaneously, such as on a PC and console. For example, “Grand Theft Auto V” was the first game to support cross-gen multiplayer.

It is set in the fictional city of Los Santos, which can be played on any device with an internet connection. Cross-platform play is the ability for video games to be played on different platforms at the same time. For example, “Fortnite Battle Royale” offers cross-platform play between mobile devices, tablets, and consoles. 

I know you all have the same knowledge I have shared. But why am I still sharing this? In this article, you will read Ps5 vs Ps4 player compatibility in different steps. Finally, it will answer one of the burning questions: Can Ps5 players play with Ps4 players online? 

Game Compatibility

To begin with, the most critical variable regarding whether or not you and your friend can play with your PS4 (or vice versa) is the sort of game you are attempting to play. This is because, to play online with your PS5 versus the PS4, a developer would have to make the option to play cross-platform video games available.

This is seldom a problem because newer games continuously make their debut since they are not included on available Sony platforms.
Do not worry, however, as there are plenty of famous games that are cross-platform enabled. Notable examples are Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Minecraft, to name just a few!

There are countless lists of games online that feature this perk, so a straightforward search engine can let you know if the game you’re trying to play can allow you to play different systems.
However, It’s essential to consider different games depending on your personal preference. You may find this very simple if you conduct a Google search! Check out the next portion to learn how to do that.

Interesting fact

According to Sony, their upcoming PlayStation 5 console will be backwards compatible with games from the PlayStation 4. 

This is excellent news for gamers who want to upgrade to the newer console. But don’t want to lose all of their progress in the games they’ve been playing.

 It also ensures that there will be a large selection of games available at launch for the PS5. However, it’s not yet clear if PS5 players will be able to play with PS4 players online. Sony has said that more information about this will be released later.

How to Crossplay

So how do you enable crossplay on your PS4? Well, you first need to make sure you have your game installed on both of your consoles.
 Next, head to your PlayStation Network accounts settings. From there, simply select the “Account” tab and make sure the “PlayStation Master Account” box is checked.

Once you have enabled crossplay for Fortnite, you can start playing with any PS4 player.
Remember that if you have the same PlayStation Network account on your Xbox One and on another PS4, then your funds will automatically be linked once you log in to one of them. As of now, Fortnite is the only game on PS4 that supports crossplay with other consoles.

Non-game Features

Now, it’s great that you can set up games with your friends, but I highly recommend checking out some of the other features that the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 offer. After all, online gaming is more than just a way for you to hang out and play games with your friends.

This raises a question: Will it be feasible for you to look at your friend’s gaming activity online? Many non-gaming features are essential to the quality of console gaming online, including chats and achievements.

The good news is that all of these features are available. So you will see what your buddies are playing and their progress, and you’ll also be able to enter their lobbies, send them messages, and even chat with them on voice!

So, it’s like you’d do with your friends and family if you had similar consoles. This is a welcome change for SONY, considering how they’ve handled Nintendo over the last twenty years.

CrossPlatform with Other Consoles

You’ll sooner or later be asked whether or not you’ll be able to play with all your family members that have Xbox Ones, Xbox Series X, PC, or Nintendo Switch. In the past, cross-platforming with people with consoles of different brands was quite challenging.

The exact same technology will now permit you to play some games with your PS4-owning friends even though the rise of the majority of gaming PCs, Nintendo Switches, and Xboxes in all shapes.

Just as with PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 cross-platforming, a little collection of variables decides whether a cross-platform game state is feasible. The most essential variables to consider are whether or not the game allows for console spanning and if your friends are in the same game.

For example, a game might function cross-platform between PlayStation 5 and PC but not between PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. This has led to such issues as licensing rights, technical prerequisites for the various consoles, and other factors that prevent cross-platform play.

If you Google the name of the game you’re looking to play, you will understand whether or not it supports cross-platform play.

Types of CrossGeneration CrossPlatforming

There are two different forms of cross-platforming concerning playing between two consoles of different ages.

Example one:

We have a Sony PS5 playing a Debian-9 version of the game with a custom Debian-9. This is much simpler, as Playstations have always been backwards-compatible. This advantage is that the top Sony PS5s quality yet speeds on full display. The drawback is that the system can only be installed on the PS5.

Example Two

we have a PlayStation 4 and a PlayStation 4 engaged in our game together in the same room. This is more common as newer games grow in popularity or with fun with a popular commercial long-term history and frequent upgrades.

This next choice may raise concerns about how the video games and the two games may appear and play together. Therefore, you will want to look over a few of these further here.

Potential Problems

Cross-generation gameplay can be a lot of fun for gamers, but it also has potential problems. One issue is that the game might not be optimized for the new platform. This can lead to framerate issues and other glitches. 

Another problem is that some players may feel left out if they don’t have the newest console. Online communities might also be fragmented, with different groups playing on other platforms

.Finally, developers may make sacrifices to ensure that the game looks and plays well on multiple platforms. This could mean removing features or toning down graphics.

In conclusion, cross-generation gameplay is an effective way to keep players engaged and coming back for more. It encourages social interaction and provides a sense of continuity for players. By using cross-generation gameplay, developers can create a more immersive and engaging gaming experience for players of all ages.